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Family hotel in Ladis

  • keyboard_arrow_rightPrices
    • Our daily prices are per person including the gourmet ¾ board.
    • The standard local visitor’s tax per person/day (adults only) is not included in the daily price, but is always charged extra: EUR 2.60/day. It is included in the package deals.
    • Your reservation is valid after you have sent it in writing by letter, email or fax and/or we have confirmed it in writing and a deposit has been paid.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightChildren’s discount (in the parents’ room or suite)
    • Children up to 3 years: free
    • 4-9 years: 50%
    • 10-15 years: 30%
    • 16-18 years: 20%
    • Children’s discount in own room: 10% to 20%
    • Discount for 3rd person in the room: 10%
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGroup prices

    We are happy to offer group rates on request.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightArrival and departure
    • Arrival:
      Your room is available from 2 pm on the day of arrival. If you are arriving after 6 pm, please let us know by telephone.
    • Departure:
      We ask that you vacate the room by 10 a
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDogs and pets

    Your four-legged friends are welcome here on request. We charge EUR 15 per day, excluding food

  • keyboard_arrow_rightPayment terms

    You can settle your bill using cash or cash card, such as EC card, or by credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

    Please speak to your bank about your daily debit limit.

    In the event of cancellation or late arrival, we will follow the Austrian Hotel Contract Regulations.

    Raiffeisenbank Oberland-Reutte eGen. Bank code:  36.990

    IBAN: AT87 3699 0000 0661 0307 // BIC – CODE: RBRTAT22

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCancellation

    Please let us know in time if you need to cancel your holiday. In case of cancellation, the Austrian Hotel Contract Regulations apply. When refunding a payment, the cancellation handling fee is EUR 22.00.

    >> More info

  • keyboard_arrow_rightTravel cancellation insurance

    Already looking forward to your hard-earned holiday? Hopefully, nothing will stand in the way. However, it can always happen that you need to cancel your plans. That’s why we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. For your optimum cover, simply click on the link below to take out travel cancellation insurance.

    >> Take out travel cancellation insurance

  • keyboard_arrow_rightSurcharge for single occupancy of double room

    For the single occupancy of a double room, we charge EUR 20.00 per day.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightShort stay

    For short stays of 1 to 2 nights we charge a supplement of € 12,00 per person and night.

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